Our mobile learning applications provide an effective solution for improving physical literacy.

Active | Quest

The physical education mobile learning app for teachers. Lesson plans that are aligned with physical education curriculum, engaging video content and simple assessment, all in one place. Athlete Quest is accessible from any device and easy to use. Join the hundreds of teachers using Active Quest and find out how simple developing physical literacy can be! Start your free trial today.

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What's behind the Athlete Era name?

All of our products and services promise to:

Educational content you can trust

All of our instructional content, skill progressions, games and activities are developed by experts in kinesiology, long-term athlete development and education. We use a research driven approach and consult with other knowledgable professionals when developing all educational content.

Entertaining videos

We strive to make all of our educational videos entertaining. This helps improve movement skill learning through increased attention and improve participation by tapping into a child's imagination.

Great User Experience

Our well designed software applications are simple to navigate. This leaves educators feeling less frustrated and more likely to continue usage.


We use a gamified approach to education. This helps motivate learners to follow proper educational progressions and build their skills.

Empower instructors through blended learning

All of our products are focused on helping the instructor improve the quality of their face-to-face coaching. This unique blended learning approach empowers volunteer coaches and generalist teachers to provide great instruction.

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