Hi, we are Athlete Era —
and we care how you move!

What we do

We make mobile apps that help you teach movement skills.

Why we do it

To improve health through increased engagement in physical activity.

The people behind the magic

Andrew Leslie Product Manager

Brian Guebert Educational Content Developer

Corey Edington Business Management + Growth

Kent Walters Software Development Lead

Richard Wright Motion Graphics + 3D Design

Ryan Hansford Lighting + Look Development Artist

Sheldon Kruger Motion Capture + 3D Animation

What drives us

The Athlete Era Core Values


Having trust in yourself and others is the single most powerful factor influencing effective leadership and teamwork.


Sharing all information builds trust and empowers others to make better decisions.


Foster a culture of innovation by promoting the personal desire to ask questions, experiment and improve.


Listening to and including others before making decisions drives value.

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